What we do?


We are a team of commercially minded product developers who provide strategic innovation, advanced product development, commercialization and manufacturing services to some of the industry leading sporting goods and leisure equipment companies.


Our engineers typically have 15+ years experience in sporting goods and toys industry, have agility to work from a high level target outcome to take your concept and make it a reality!


Our Graphic design team is integral to us in producing world class, on trend OEM and ODM product lines for our customers. A mix of western and eastern designers gives us the ability to create designs that are reflective of the particular world market as well as enabling us to effective communicate and execute the design to our manufacturing sources. All of our team has great experience in working with style guides and approval procedures from all the major world licensees like Disney, Hasbro, Warner Bros, just to name a few.


We have a fully equipped in-house photography studio with a professionally trained photographer to provide studio quality product imagery. Having this as part of our total service enables us to shorten developments lead time and reduce the cost of freighting around samples. Our team provide all your photography requirements from packaging, website, catalogue, email and we also do talent shots when required using local modelling agencies.


In over 20 years of working in China we have been able to establish wonderful manufacturing partnerships with our suppliers. In that time we have accumulated a strong and loyal supplier base. This combined with with our purchasing power enables us to buy at best in market prices and pass that buying advantage to our customers.
We work hand in hand with our suppliers to ensure continuous improvement in product quality, ethical standards, workers conditions and environmental impacts.

Quality Control

Above everything else, quality control is the number one concern for those importing goods from China. Hyper Extension provides our customers a comfort level that their product will arrive to specification, safety standards and to the agreed quality level of the product, through a complete quality control process,  fully trained and experienced inspectors, auditors and mechanical engineering experts specialized in our specific product categories.

After Sales Service

Longevity in this business are for those who understand the importance of after sales service. Many successful businesses use after-sales service strategies to consolidate sales, build customer relationships and grow their profits. Providing after-sales service keeps your customers coming back to you and encourages them to refer your business to others. We fully recognise the importance of this extended service and provide assistance with spare parts, service manuals, specialised tools, assembly instructions, online videos, website design and direct staff training.

Shipping & Documentation

At Hyper Extension we pride ourselves in working closely with our customers and there freight forwards to ensure the smooth flow of goods from not only factory to the China port but from the factory to the final destination. Accuracy, speed, efficiency and communication is crucial in providing our customers with a service level they need to have confidence there goods are shipped on time and without disruption. Through the professional presentation of documents and clear communication our experienced team will ensure a worry free experience when shipping with us.